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I haven't come across very many models on Instagram with the kind of diversity Wild Scarlet manages to capture; she can portray a broad range of emotions, styles, vibes. It seems she is able to make any outfit work, or make it work without one entirely (see her body paint photo below). I was very eager to reach out and learn a little bit more about the mind behind the fire photos.

|P&F| - All of your sets have such a distinct look and feel from each other, and I can see from your tags that you've worked with a great many photographers! Do you have a preference for a certain style or photoshoot?

Scarlet - When I'm scouting for a photographer on any project, I make sure to scroll down as far on their Instagram as I can, to get a feel for both their content and what they are comfortable with. So, for example, if I have it in mind to pull off a "street edgy" look, I can find someone with street style photography I appreciate, as opposed to one who only shoots in a studio.

|P&F| - Sounds very practical--and also a good reminder to creators out there to stay fresh and consistent. Models are out here deciding who to work with based on your professionalism and your portfolio! You definitely have a great eye for who to work with because each set is stunning. When did you first decide this was the career for you?

Scarlet - Growing up I always wanted to be a model. I was even told by numerous people that I should get into modeling, that I had the look and height. I started watching America's Next Top Model, and I always looked up to Tyra Banks. My first professional photoshoot was at 16. The hair salon I went to at the time asked me to be featured in their look book. I wasn't old enough yet to try out for ANTM, but I still knew that I wanted to be a model, and that I would do anything to become one. That first photoshoot really transformed my dream into reality, and it was the start of the journey that I’m continuing to this day. 


|P&F| - Would you say, in general, that you are a happy person?


Scarlet - I make myself happy every day by waking up and thanking God that I'm alive. I have no choice but to be happy, or else I would be miserable, and I choose to enjoy my life.

Philosopher & Fool Featued Model Wild Scarlet
Philosopher & Fool Featured Model Wild Scarlet
Credit: Ceez.Lenz

|P&F| - I noticed we're actually pretty local, both from the NJ/NY area; what's your experience been like in relation to this area? Has it been any more or less supportive, do you think?

Scarlet - I feel like it's rough being a model in this area because, since New York is so close, the modeling world is so strict. I’ve applied to numerous modeling agencies without a reply back, and it had initially discouraged me. I feel that society says you have to be a size 2, but in reality, I feel size doesn’t matter. Everybody is made differently. I happen to have a butt and curves.


|P&F| - I might have noticed. I don't think my audience is complaining!

Scarlet - Well, sometimes designers don’t like that. My dream is to be on the cover of Vogue magazine. I personally feel like I have grown outside of Jersey--you can only get so far staying in Jersey alone with modeling. If I’m not the right size or look for the shoot, or what the designers or casting agents are looking for, then New York isn’t for me either. I receive support from my immediate family as well as my friends and followers. Their feedback keeps me going, because this is a hard world. I stopped walking in fashion shows because designers always had tops that fit me, but sometimes the bottoms didn’t. I love runway shows, both in being on the runway or watching from the audience, but it is discouraging having to hope that the designers have clothes to fit me. I’m between a size 10 & 12, which isn’t big at all. Just not “sample size” as they call it. 


|P&F| - Present tastes in modeling, in my opinion, are creating a huge disparity in the fashion community in regard to traditional body & size conceptions. With so much on the rise in terms of positivity, plus size modeling, and feminine empowerment (all rightfully so), I'd hope it's only a matter of time before all women can find the perfect representation for them in the modeling community, for their individual size, "look," and personality. And I'm really glad to see that you were never discouraged to the point of quitting your dream. What else do you enjoy?


Scarlet - I like to keep my body active and find comfort in dancing; I enjoy hip hop, contemporary, in heels, and even pole dancing, even if society may look down on this.


|P&F| - Keep on doing your thing!


Scarlet - It keeps me in shape and fit! My next few upcoming projects will feature bits and pieces of those dance styles I just mentioned. I'm putting a lot of thought, time, and energy into producing some outside-the-box work, and showing the world you can do anything if you put your mind to it! So please stay tuned for what's coming!

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Philosopher & Fool Featured Model Wild Scarlet
Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Wild Scarlet
Credit: MicheeDon


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