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"My aesthetic has been an evolving process. An expression of coming into being and finding myself. It’s an adventure and so far I’ve had a lot of fun with it."

Q&A with Urielle Day

Any successful online personality or brand usually has a certain aesthetic associated with it - Urielle Day's account is a unique blend of the dark and sexy. It can be aggressive and unapologetic, cute and poetic, or anywhere in between. And scrolling through an Instagram timeline, one becomes quite accustomed to sameness, what "works," and her page is the breath of fresh air I was looking for. I inquired for more. "How did your Instagram page and aesthetic come into being?"

Urielle - Social media is strange; you put a condensed version of yourself out there where people are bound to interpret it subjectively, so I try to be as true to who I am as much as possible through the glimpses and short descriptions of my pictures. My aesthetic has been an evolving process - an expression of coming into being and finding myself. It’s an adventure and so far I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

|P&F| - Your page deals with many counterculture themes, imagery or otherwise that some might consider to be taboo. What are your thoughts on sexuality, tattoos, fetishes, and other concepts that are generally repressed?


Urielle - I’ve never tried to deny myself of anything that society deems as “taboo.” I’m Hyperian (a philosophical system) and it’s about embracing shadow, light, and wisdom. You recognize your “dark” side, the side that is repressed by society (ex. Crossdressing, tattoos, kinks, polyamory etc.) and know that it’s a part of you, and to go about them in a positive and logical way. Doing this sheds a lot of guilt and confusion on who you are and who you want to become. For example, tattoos, being more androgynous, being pansexual, all may seem “taboo” but they make me, me. I enjoy who I am and I want others to enjoy who they are too, so being able to be an example of that is an honor.

|P&F| - You're leading by example - and it's so enthralling to watch. It's captivating to others in many ways, and yet it provides a sense of freedom. Were you always able to live the lifestyle you wanted growing up?

Urielle - My mother never faltered in allowing me to express myself.  She put me in pageants growing up with dresses and big bows. I was her little barbie doll; I’m sure she wasn’t super enthusiastic that I became a little goth kid before I even knew what goth meant. And since she was raising me, we shared the same judgment from others. Yet she always encouraged my individuality and supported my dreams of being an artist. This is a gift I will always be thankful for, even though she still gets on to me when I get a new tattoo!

|P&F| - I would imagine that seeing your various photos, these awesome, varied looks, that she is very proud of you. You have a true artist's eye. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

Urielle - I come from a small city in the south. A place where you never leave, and your kids go to the same school you did and probably have the same teachers. My biggest achievement has been leaving that place, and making dreams that I had as a kid come true. My goal in life is to not lose this momentum. I’ve accomplished so much and I feel like I’m only getting started!

|P&F| - What sort of advice would you give to models that are looking to start their own portfolio and career?

Urielle - As far as fashion goes, I’d say be the most you as you can possibly be. Express yourself. Wear yourself. Show your uniqueness and fearlessness. I’ve never concentrated on building a portfolio, I’ve always just had fun with pictures. I think it greatly depends on what you want out of modeling. If you want to focus on a style, show you’re the best at that style. Or if you just want gigs, be diverse! But always have fun.

|P&F| - Enjoyment is the key. Even I take a break when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed or drained. It's definitely easier to have fun when you can also be completely yourself, so I couldn't agree more with you. I notice you have some original designs on your Instagram as well! Is art another passion of yours?

Urielle - I find it strange to call myself an artist, but I suppose that’s what I am. I paint, and I currently took up ink drawing (dot and line work pieces). Creating, creativity, expression - my life seems to revolve around these things. When I’m not creating, I’m reading, typically philosophy. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind: “When you stop learning, you start dying.”- Albert Einstein

|P&F| - Is there anyone else you'd recommend we check out? Tell us a bit about Sav Noir?

Urielle - Sav Noir is a brilliant brand and creation by my friend Edwin. His aesthetic is very dark, expressive, and he embraces androgyny (which, in my opinion, is the future of fashion). Love, beauty, passion, sex; it’s all raw and inspirational. I love representing the clothing and can’t wait for future projects with Sav Noir. He’s also heavily involved in the night life community. I also recommend Morgue to expand your view on the nature of reality and life. His books have the power to be life-altering in the best ways. Also he has some awesome Vegan posts.

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