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Q&A with Seamless

Since he was young (and he's aware this might sound cliche as fuck), Seamless has had "a hunger to create."

Well, you know what, Seamless?

I guess I'm cliche as fuck too. I completely understand the feeling.


|P&F| - Tell me a little bit about how you got started.

Seamless - I was always drawing, but it was an "on and off" thing; nothing too serious, but it was always there in the back of my mind. Then a bunch of shit happened in my 20's and I decided--this is it, I'm going to pursue creating daily. At first, it was just drawing, but once I discovered Photoshop it was like another world of possibilities. 

|P&F|  - What kind of art inspires you?

Seamless - I have an almost fanatical admiration for the Impressionist movement and Post-Impressionist art. In my opinion, if it weren't for Monet, art would simply not be the same. But the surrealist work of René Magritte and Joan Miró is my favorite of all. 

|P&F|  - And what is your creative process like? What kind of planning comes into play?

Seamless - Everything starts with a weird spark of intuition - it gives some guidance, along with being inspired by so many other great artists out there - but I never really prepare anything specific. Instead, I gather images and hope for pockets of opportunity. It can be hit-or-miss. Or it could lead to something really interesting. In the end, the technique is yours.

|P&F| - I feel like a lot of creative types, even those across mediums in the music field can definitely relate to that feeling. I know personally, some of the best things I've come up with were the unplanned pieces of a puzzle that somehow found its way together. I gather a bunch of pieces and try to plug them together in a way that I'm satisfied, and see if it's a hit-or-miss! But I can tell you from your gallery that you make it look extremely easy. Each piece has such distinct imagery. 

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Philosopher & Fool Displate Featured Artists Seamless

|P&F| - Is there a certain theme you're attracted to in your work? I pick up on a lot of Space themes. I think those are the ones I'm particularly drawn to.

Seamless - I think that's the beauty of making digital collages, because you get to put these images together and tell so many different stories depending on who is viewing. Maybe the space and astronauts piece isn't about space and astronauts at all; the art has a free purpose, to which we can all relate in some way. Today, I made a piece called "Into the Night," and someone who was diagnosed with cancer told me that he related to my illustration, in a way I would not have thought myself in a million years. 

|P&F| - My thoughts and prayers for anyone diagnosed with cancer. That's really special; I'm really glad you had a moment like that with someone who admired your work.

Seamless - I am from  Puerto Rico, and I'm not very social. So to be totally honest, I don't know if there's anyone in my area who creates like I do. And it feels sometimes like there is not much opportunity here. So moments such as these are my biggest achievements - being able to share my works daily and see people's responses really means a lot to me.

|P&F| - I have a lot of respect for that, for what you do, and it's been a real privilege to learn more about you!

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Philosopher & Fool Featued Artists Seamless
Philosopher & Fool Featured Artists Seamless


"I've never even heard of Philosopher and whatever-it-was. 

How am I supposed to say something about it?"

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