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I have been working hard over the last year, through the development of Philosopher & Fool to showcase many talented individuals in our Featured sections - however, at some point only the models were following up with my emails! While I'm certainly not complaining, and our Featured Models section is a beauty to behold in itself, I crave some balance. There's more to life than just extremely attractive women. I'll say that again for those in the back who didn't hear - There's more to life than just extremely attractive women! (Not much more, but I digress). I vowed this year to dial it back on the number of models invited for a feature, and to shift my focus to different kinds of content creators. 


In line with that, when I came across Mater Tokyo on Instagram, I immediately knew I wanted to learn more about her and what she was doing with her art. It would be only my second Q&A with a Featured Artist for this website, following my discussion with the ever-talented Seamless some pretty big shoes to fill. Thankfully, Mater Tokyo is extremely friendly and was eager to work with me. It's my absolute pleasure to share with you what I've learned, in our very first Feature of 2019, and our second-ever Featured Artist.

Philosopher& Fool Featured Artist Mater Tokyo
Philosopher & Fool Featured Artist Mater Tokyo

|P&F| - How did you get into creating; who inspires you?

Mater Tokyo - It's another black sheep story honestly - I grew into art as an escape from the demands of my family, who are all in the medical field. No room for an art student there, but I rebelled because I genuinely liked it and found myself improving my skills. My greatest inspiration is MeLoveMeALot whose surrealist Instagram work helped me through a difficult time.

|P&F| - Family can definitely be rough I know. Where are you from? What is the art scene like there?

Mater Tokyo - I'm from Kingston, Jamaica - postal code Jama16. Being born and raised there has definitely affected my style, which you can still see from tribal tattoos on my face from time to time, but these days I am mostly influenced by Japanese culture.

|P&F| - I can definitely see the culture in your art; what are some elements you strive to include in your work?

Mater Tokyo - My work has to respect and incorporate Japanese art, from their past into modernity. My geisha designs are still classic, but they are more colorful and cartoonish than some other arts. I create using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

|P&F| - And do you have any other hobbies you are passionate about?

Mater Tokyo - I guess you could call it a hobby; I like to model. I enjoy traveling around and doing occasional shoots with photographers.

|P&F| - Well that certainly sounds fun! I recently bought a new DSLR camera (Canon EOS Rebel SL2) so I'm hoping to expand my photography portfolio a bit more as well soon. And your portfolio of modeling and artwork on Instagram is inspirational and impressive. If you had to give some advice to artists that are looking to break into this craft, what would you tell them?

Mater Tokyo - Don't let anyone talk you out of it. I let my own family talk me out of the one thing I loved, along with a shitty medical program, sacrificing so much energy and soul that I almost forgot how to create. But now that I am back, with the support of old and new fans alike, I am extremely happy. 2019 just started, and it's going to be a huge year. I am creating a clothing line called Mater Tokyo - clothing with designs of modernized Japanese culture, with an almost cartoonish / anime twist. My Instagram will feature upcoming designs and promotions, and it will be unisex so that everyone can enjoy.

Be sure to check out Mater Tokyo today, her Instagram gallery, and look out for her upcoming clothing line!

Philosopher & Fool Mater Tokyo
Philosopher & Fool Mater Tokyo


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How am I supposed to say something about it?"

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