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Q&A with Mariah Ximena

Mariah Ximena wouldn't call herself a model - yet she is a role model in every sense of the word. She is an inspiration, a model for positive energy itself and healthy lifestyle decisions. Her YouTube channel showcases slice of life videos, philosophies, and uplifting messages, such as how to deal with anxiety & stay beautiful. On Instagram, her energy and beauty are palpable, radiating from each photo and caption.

|P&F| - How do you choose the kind of content and themes to feature?

Mariah - I want my pages to be empowering and inspiring to my visitors. I try to focus my photos on yoga and nature, but I'm really creative, so I don't limit myself to any few particular themes. Often, I find myself with so many ideas in my head, and I plan on taking lots of photos very soon. 

|P&F| - It sounds like your work is also therapeutic. How did you get into content creation in the first place?

Mariah - Helping others was my motivation in starting a YouTube channel. I have been inspired by yoga models who advocate love, and I wanted to spread these messages as well - messages of self-care, loving yourself and others, and being yourself unapologetically. As my Instagram grew, I decided my message would be one of motivation, to inspire others to be true to themselves, be grateful, and love each other more.

|P&F| - What sort of challenges have you faced? 

Mariah - People would always me ask a million questions, wonder why I would do things particular ways; I have always been very different from people around me, so it was a bit of a struggle to finally embrace my "weirdness." I've only started recently, and it's the best thing I have ever done. Now, I always follow my gut, going "all in" when I love & want something. I believe in myself.

|P&F| - Yes, I definitely picked up on that energy, and I love your individuality. It is what drew me to your page initially and why I wanted to feature you! Philosopher & Fool is a proud supporter of all things weird, especially when it's conveyed in such an uplifting way. Tell me more about your passion for yoga!

Mariah - Yoga helps conquer anxiety and stress. It has helped my body both in terms of empowerment and being in tune with its needs. And though I've always been rather intuitive, it has helped me develop my intuition even further, to the point where I know exactly what to do at the right times. 

|P&F| - Do you feel like you've achieved happiness?

Mariah - Happiness is being grateful for what you have, first and foremost. It's also pursuing your goals no matter what anyone else says - again, "being yourself unapologetically." Everyone has different paths, passions, and goals. and it's through accepting my own and others' fully that I've achieved happiness. I practice this every day.

|P&F| - I completely agree, and it's been my privilege to work with you on this. What are your plans for the future of your work and YouTube channel?

Mariah - I really love YouTube, not only as a creative outlet, but as a way to help others find happiness and get through sad or tough times. So my messages will continue to be positive, uplifting, and funny for those who need it. I have a ton of ideas for future content, and I promise they will be creative and fun!

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Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Mariah Ximena
Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Mariah Ximena


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