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Did it just get hot in here? Philosopher & Fool is known for bringing audiences the heat when it comes to music, art, modeling, and photography. But Jaleah Lettley - Leah the Gemini - is pure fire. Featured in multiple music videos, and even delving into her own music, this model showcases everything I stand for, including body positivity, confidence, kindness, and especially talent.

|P&F| - What has the experience of being a female model meant to you? Has it had an impact on how others view or treat you?

Leah the Gemini - It has affected how I'm perceived by others, especially my family, because everyone has a preconceived idea about what being a model means. But it's levels to this modeling shit. And I believe anyone can be whatever they want - especially a model. There's high fashion modeling, print & ad modeling, hair, Instagram, video modeling, urban modeling (my favorite), and I think it's important to explore what's right for you - what is your level of comfort? Personally, I'm a risk taker - I like to try new things. As a result, you'll get some creepy, extra thirsty people that think of you as an easy target because you're a beautiful woman. But mostly, I am treated and seen by others respectfully.

|P&F| - That seems to be an unfortunate consequence of the internet and digital age. But it sounds like you've become a master of your comfort zone and dealing with the few negative influences that might show up in your inbox!

Leah the Gemini - It's ART; that means being free of those who shame you for being you. 

|P&F| - I couldn't agree more. Do you have any particular kinds of photo shoots you prefer, or themes that you enjoy working with?

Leah the Gemini - I look for creativity and motivation. It's more about the chemistry between the photographer and I. I decide which shoots are worth my time and energy, and if I sense any unprofessionalism, I go with my gut and move on; I look to create and connect with someone on an artistic level. I need someone who isn't afraid to step out of the box. 

Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Leah the Gemini
Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Leah the Gemini
Credit: Philip Coleman Jr - Swirve Media

|P&F| - Do you have a favorite model or inspiration?

Leah the Gemini - Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Eva, Chanel Iman - the list goes on! When I was younger, I instantly fell in love with America's Next Top Model, and I looked up to the women who were a part of the show and the industry. I was skinny all my life and made fun of for it, but seeing these women inspired my confidence to grow. Now, I am very comfortable in my own skin and embrace all aspects of my body. 

|P&F| - I love that message! But surely things cannot always be sunshine and rainbows; what sort of things stress you out? How do you overcome them?

Leah the Gemini - I am most stressed seeing others less fortunate than myself. I thought I had it hard, but when I see others with no options, I am put in a place where I can reflect on my surroundings and become truly grateful. I pray, I write, I draw, I model, and I express myself constantly to overcome the triggers of stress. I also believe in the power of therapy, which keeps me grounded.

|P&F| - When you orient yourself from a place of humility, I think peace will naturally follow. I think people will have a lot to take away from your experience.

Leah the Gemini - I hope so! My Instagram exists to invite others to see who I am. Through it, I express my likes, dislikes, and news from my community to yours. My main goal is to gain positive insight into the Do's and Don'ts as an upcoming artist and model seeking opportunities and experience in the entertainment world. I want to be able to influence others, teach them not to be afraid to express themselves, to stay true to what they believe in. Remember: "Born to express, not to impress!"

|P&F| - Speaking of being an upcoming artist, I was listening to your SoundCloud! Very impressive!


Leah the Gemini - Ah, yes! My SoundCloud! (laughing) That's a new territory for me, which I started mainly for therapeutic reasons. When I'm feeling some type of way, I channel that energy into a melody and simply create - even if it sounds weird to others, it's what I hear, and it makes me feel free. I do plan on integrating my music into my brand as well. Modeling can open a lot of doors. Hopefully, this will too. I want to share my art - everything I create, every aspect of what I stand for - with my peers, talented people on the rise, and the rest of the world.

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Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Leah the Gemini
Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Leah the Gemini


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