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"Be Your Brand Every Day." I read that recently on the page of artist iAMphyr (pronounced I AM Fire), and it really resonated with me. If you aren't your own brand, then everything you do will inevitably be fake. If you're going to use social media right, it has to be personal - not too personal, but enough so that people connect with you. And it's always gotta be about your brand and selling your product. One look at any of iAMphyr's pages instantly demonstrates the power of this believe. Add in a huge amount of sheer focus, determination, and faith, and it's easy to see why Philosopher & Fool had to get in touch with her to learn more.

iAMphyr - I started my career writing poetry; I still have my poems from when I was 7. I was so advanced at that age, and I wish my mom had known I really wanted to sing, not just in church. I find inspiration in everything. Music is a vibe, so there aren't limits in writing. It's what you feel, see, experience, know, and dream about. It can be a fantasy or a real story, and that's what I love about it the most. It allows me to escape reality at times. 

|P&F| - I think that's a common, unifying theme found in true artists. Something deep down that they get from their craft that is irreplaceable; an escape from reality, or an outlet for their emotions, for example. The best ones, or at least the ones who inspire me the most are the ones who need to make music or art, just as much as they want to. Do you have anyone in particular you look up to?

iAMphyr - I look up to Missy Elliott in terms of creativity and having no barriers; she really inspires me to write daily and go after my dreams. In terms of brand and image, I try to be myself. I'm not into copying anyone, and even though there's nothing new under the sun - I'm trying to be the new news under the sun. 

|P&F| - How would you convey the experience of being a female artist to our readers?

iAMphyr - Honestly, being a female artist has its perks, but I've had my share of jerks. People confuse you with your image and brand and forget to approach you as a respectful human being. I know my lyrics can be vulgar, and my attire can be rambunctious, but I demand respect.

|P&F| - As well you should. Where are you from? The way you carry yourself is inspiring. 

iAMphyr - I’m originally from Georgia - a true southern belle, born in Atlanta at Grady Memorial Hospital. I was raised back and forth from Georgia and Queens as a kid. I’ve experienced the musical influences of both states, which has become a blessing to my sound. I live for a heavy 808, but I do like a hardcore NYC sound. Atlanta is winning right now.

|P&F| - I enjoy your sound as well - how do you decide on beats? Is there anyone you hope to work with one day?

iAMphyr - I would love to work with Missy & Timbaland! As for tracks, I usually skim through beats that are sent to me, or I go online, search through sounds, and buy the best fit; I have an eclectic sound, so I try to find beats that accommodate my taste.

As you too should now see, this artist clearly has a lot of potential. And, if you read this over (like I am now) with her SoundCloud or YouTube video playing, it really just emphasizes all the great insight you can take away from this artist who is oh so very fuego. 

Be sure to check out iAMphyr today,

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Philosopher & Fool Featured Music iAMphyr
Philosopher & Fool Featured Music iAMphyr
Philosopher & Fool Featured Music iAMphyr
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