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Q&A with Batchelor

Batchelor is an artist from California. He comes from Highland Park, considered part of Los Angeles - what he describes as a Mecca of music and culture. 

|P&F| - Are there any benefits to living in an environment like that, where diversity and creativity thrives?

Batchelor - It puts me in a position to learn and take in so many different styles, which therefore influences the way I make my music. I find that given the plethora of sounds created right here in LA, you'll come across people who make completely different music, but who are undoubtedly receptive to your sound and who will show you love. That's a beautiful thing - people supporting one another, even with a different sound and style. And that's LA, baby. 

|P&F| - Well, a different sound and style is definitely what attracted me to your music.  This is our very first Q&A for the website, so I wanted it to say a lot about the kind of creativity we support at Philosopher & Fool. What do you think gives your music that distinct vibe?


Batchelor - The underlying themes of a lot of my songs are perseverance, grinding, not giving up, getting out and making it happen. That's sort of been my grind through this music game, and it's shown in my tracks. I always strive to bring emotion and energy to each song I create; one might sound like a trap banger, and the other might have that straight old school west coast sound. I try and mix things up. 

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|P&F| - Do you have any musicians or rappers that you look up to? What kind of music inspired you down this path?

Batchelor - Master P was the one who got me into hip-hop. I was about 14 when No Limit Records was at its peak, and I watched the things Master P did, how he grinded, how he put people on. In terms of promotion, he was never ending. He was always working. And on top of everything, he could rap, and I was drawn to it. After P, Tupac and Eminem come to mind as the greatest of all time. Their production was always on point, and they could elicit such feelings with their words. They both really inspired me, and I was drawn to them as well. 

P&F| - Eminem was my introduction to rap. The Marshall Mathers LP was the first album I ever purchased with my own money, second being Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. My grandma bought me the censored version before I had a job, and I learned to rap all the songs with gaps in them instead of curses. 

What else is Batchelor about? What hobbies are you passionate about, what brings you happiness?

Batchelor - I enjoy sports. Particularly baseball and basketball, but all sports really. You'll catch many sports references in my songs which come from my love for the games. I find happiness being active in my faith to God and His son, Jesus. It's a passion that's unparalleled by anything else. I've found the love of my life, and I have wonderful relationships with my mother and father, to whom I'm so indebted to. I've also had some pretty amazing personal milestones with the #NormalNotAllowed movement and social media. In 5 years I see myself, not just making music, but making a very nice living doing it--and married to my dream girl, Eren.

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