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Q&A with Alexcellence

Alexcellence; model, raver, and musician shares with us a few thoughts she has about image, female empowerment, and of course visiting some of the best festivals the west coast rave scene has to offer. 

|P&F| - What are your thoughts on sexuality and our traditional image of a female?

Alexa - Female empowerment and the embracing of women's sexuality are both so important to me. I grew up in a strict, conservative Catholic household. I was taught to be ashamed of my body, and that I was meant to be modest. Society teaches women that loving your body enough to show it off means you're a slut-- I believe women should do whatever empowers them. If being modest empowers you, wonderful. If being naked or showing skin empowers you, do as you please. The female body is beautiful and should be glorified. Women should never be shamed for their opinions on this, and the fact that I choose to show skin and embrace my body does not make me any less respectable than a woman who covers up. We need to stop judging women over how they choose to present themselves. 

|P&F| - I couldn't agree more, which is why I'm drawn to women who are so bold and beautiful - it's more than attraction to a body, but to their strength and ideals, and definitely their photographic confidence. That also gets a little bit into my harsh criticisms of censorship, but that's a rant for another day! In general, who's the kind of photographer you prefer to work with?

Alexa - I love photographers who show creativity and uniqueness. If their vision embodies something really edgy or original, then I'm usually drawn to their work. There has to be a great use of colors, vibrant, dark, and soft pastels. I also like tasteful, classy work so that my pictures remain respectable.

|P&F|  - And what other passions or hobbies do you have besides modeling?

Alexa - I am in my last year of college as an International Business Management major, with hopes of attending law school. So my academics and career building are at the top of my priorities. I have also taken piano lessons all my life and now teach piano; I love to sing and play! And of course, raving is a huge passion. Rave to the grave.

Philosopher & Fool Featured Models Alexa Mercado
Philosopher & Fool Feaured Models Alexa Mercado

|P&F| - What are some raves or festivals you've been able to attend? Do you know what's next on your agenda?

Alexa - I usually travel between northern and southern Cali for events such as Beyond Wonderland, Escape Psycho Circus, and many others. I recently traveled to Washington to attend Paradiso with my rave fam! Washington is beautiful and the Gorge Amphitheatre is the most incredible venue I've ever been to. The vibes were PLUR, the lineup was stacked, and the scenery was breathtaking!  Next up, I plan to attend Escape in southern California and then over to Tahoe for Snowglobe this year!

|P&F| - It sounds so busy, and yet so fun! I have to admire that perfect balance between work and play - and what better way to cut loose than through music? Speaking of, which DJ would you say is your favorite at the moment?

Alexa - This is such a hard question to choose! My favorite at the moment is San Holo - I finally saw him live at Hard Summer, and it was one of the greatest sets I'd ever seen.

|P&F| - Love his tracks, and I always have to approve on a Star Wars reference. 

Alexa - He's such a talented DJ and musician, and I love that he plays guitar in his songs. His music is beautiful, his lyrics mean a lot to me, and he's one of my rave fam's favorite DJs. 

|P&F| - To wrap this up, I'm curious what your goals are? I pay attention to your pages, and I definitely see the growth and the work being put in. Where do you hope to end up?

Alexa - I will officially make it as a model one day; I've been working really hard to make my social media content the best it can possibly be, I eat healthy, and I better my body at the gym every day to take the best possible photos. I want to inspire women to love themselves and each other! One day, I hope to go to a rave and have someone recognize me. I'd also like to inspire Asian women specifically, to empower them, affirm that they are beautiful, and guide them in being the representation we need in the modeling industry.

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Philosopher& Fool Featured Model Alexa Mercado
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