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Philosopher & Fool

 Philosopher & Fool


   My name is Christian Trinidad, and I am an independent musician, producer, artist, gamer, and fan of all content creators.   

    Philosopher & Fool will serve as a portfolio for my original work, as well as highlight some of the amazing, talented folks I've had the privilege to meet on this journey.  


   Philosopher & Fool is available on SpotifyYoutubeTwitterInstagramTwitch, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Amazon, Society6, and more. These are also available with my contact information on the Links & Contact page. Look around. Listen. Share. And most of all...

 Please enjoy your stay.    

Philosopher & Fool

After careful consideration, I have decided to retire this website, as well as my Twitch. I think what Philosopher & Fool needs for growth right now is to really focus on a few platforms, rather than spreading itself thinner across more. That way I can continue to create quality content while having less performance metrics to follow and links to try and plug.

So what's changing?

  • Philosopher & Fool live streams will now be exclusively on YouTube, along with the usual videos and skits.​​ Twitch will no longer be updated.

  • Social media such as Instagram and Twitter will take the place of this website, which will no longer be updated -- I update social media daily with art, music, comedy, models, and shout-outs, so follow now! 

  • Yaya is getting her own OnlyFans page, as an extra source of donations to my project - she's just a young lady trying to pay her way through college. And boys, she's always feeling Friskies.

I made Twitch Affiliate status! I'm so grateful to everyone who has helped me reach this point - this is just the beginning! I am currently streaming Detroit: Become Human, and it's amazing. I set up a chat bot to gently encourage people to donate to Philosopher & Fool, which hopefully will help to fund this project. Remember - you can donate without money simply by streaming my original music on Spotify or Apple Music! If you have a few bucks, visit my Society6 store, or you can donate directly via PayPal. I'm extremely grateful for all support (not just monetary) so if anything, just share my channel with a friend and help me grab some new followers. 

We are full-swing into Summer and the content updates are flowing! My YouTube channel has a new stream compilation, music videos, and best moments from Star Wars Battlefront 2 and The Witcher 3. New designs are posted on my Society6 and, of course, daily updates and glimpses into my life on Instagram and Twitter - let's connect!

I've made time between my Stranger Things binge and new episodes of Legion (literally mindblowing awesome). My priority has been to stream to my Twitch more often, maybe make affiliate status and get some subscriptions, right? That would be awesome. There's a new donation button on my profile if you are interested in contributing to some new recording lighting - many thanks! Looking on the horizon, I think there will be some new royalty free music released soon, which I hope content creators will use in their projects or streams.

I wanted to show people how I take regular photos and transform them into my unique abstract art pieces - so I put together a double-speed artistic timelapse of my latest creation! Watch me work on "Kaleidoscope" live in Pixlr, and see how I get from Point A to dramatically different Point B! In gaming, I fiinally achieved the platinum trophy for Star Wars Battlefront 2! Catch the latest live streams, hilarious clips, and awesome killstreak videos with General Grievous and Kylo Ren now on my YouTube! I will be moving into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt shortly. As always, the actual Live Stream will be broadcast to my Twitch, so be sure to follow there and join in the chat - highlights and select Live Streams will then be posted to YouTube afterward.


In general Philosopher & Fool news, that new art piece (as well as some other unreleased pieces) will soon be added to my Society6 gallery! Look around and see if there's anything you want to pick up, from cheap-yet-cool stickers to slap on anything, to wall prints, laptop sleeves, and cellphone cases! The "Links & Contact" button on the top of my website has been completely revamped and updated, so there's never been a better time to explore all the platforms P&F is involved with. As always, like / follow / subscribe and I will return the favor whenever possible. Inexpensive social media promotion is also always available!

I have persevered through the first 100 subscriber hurdle and now finally have a custom YouTube URL! Thank you everyone for making that possible. You can now stream my content from the following link - https://youtube.com/c/PhilosopherFool - pretty straightforward! I also updated all the links on this website. 

To celebrate the occasion, I released a new melody that you should feel free to use in any projects you deem fit. It's part of a new (hopefully ongoing) series called |P&F Royalty Free| where I'm going to try to make content a bit more frequently. I still don't have a major audience, so this I think this will be a good way to continue practicing my music creation and composing techniques while still making it interesting & worthwhile for others. Of course, there's also a bunch of other new videos on the channel not related to music, such as Malibu Mondays - your favorite new holiday / excuse to drink.

I recently dug up the game Abzu from deep within my PS4 digital library, which has over 200 titles that I haven't even tried. Playstation+ gives a ton of free games and realistically, I can't try them all. But this one turned out to be a hidden gem! You can watch the full video on the P&F YouTube channel and let me know if you've tried this masterfully executed artistic dream come true - it's like the No Man's Sky of the ocean! 

In other gaming news, Twitch has changed their policies and now users cannot upload videos to their channel unless they have already made affiliate status - it's fucking terrible for a channel like mine where I do not stream frequently enough to make affiliate, but still wanted quality content on my channel for those who subscribe. I'll still be live streaming there and simultaneously on YouTube, but it's just a disappointment that I won't be able to upload my edited clips. However, this isn't a problem if you are following on YouTube, so please subscribe today and like some videos! -Many thanks. Also, I recently finally got the platinum trophy for Kingdom Hearts 2.5, which completes the main trio. It was a daunting accomplishment that I'm super excited about, and I'll be trying my hand at KH Chain of Memories next. 

Ambition, Sacrifice, and Compassion are the 3 key words that define Philosopher & Fool Featured Artist Megan Tsai. Check out her powerful gallery, official website, and read our Q&A; we discuss pain, finding your voice, and artistic inspirations in this awesome interview, so visit her page today! 

In less cool and unfortunate news, I managed to break my guitar last night. I'm an idiot, and I knocked it over hard, and the tuning pegs snapped off. I'll be saving up for a new guitar so I can keep working on rock/metal tracks like Sixsmith (linked here from my YouTube channel). In the meantime, there's still plenty of new Philosopher & Fool content, daily updates, memes, and shout-outs to musicians, artists, models, and photographers across social media. And if you'd like to support the project, you can buy a track or join my Patreon - many thanks.

Following hot on the trails of White Light, Philosopher & Fool brings you our next featured photographer Sean Goswell. Switching it up from colorful cityscapes, Sean Goswell, AKA Somerset Traveller, captures monochromatic trees and woodlands in the United Kingdom. "I've always loved black and white images in the sense that it strips away the distractions that colour can bring, which is why I chose to keep my colour gallery separate. I'm always looking to create a mood and atmosphere with my images and I really feel that black and white does this for me." It's a spectacular Q&A to accompany a spectacular gallery - check it out today!

In general Philosopher & Fool news, I've been live streaming Kingdom Hearts on the YouTube and Twitch, as well as posting new videos on both. Like & subscribe today on your favorite platform for new music, funny short clips, and fresh gaming content. All links on Philosopher & Fool are now in red to be easily distinguishable! And as always, if you or someone you recommend creates music, art, photography, or models, you can suggest content for future features and shout-outs on the official Instagram and Twitter pages, or drop the content in our new Reddit forum. 

It's here!! Cue the highly dramatic film score music - the Featured Photographers section of the website is finally open! Meet our first photographer, White Light and read our exclusive Q&A - learn about his motivations, his inspirations, and see why Ryan Serrano has rightfully earned this premier spot on Philosopher & Fool. This guy has a true eye for the city that needs to be seen to be believed. The new Featured Photographers section is linked just below!

Also in updates news: The Philosopher & Fool YouTube channel is growing! Check it out today for comedy skits, previews of upcoming songs, and some hilarious livestream gaming. It's going to have a little bit of everything! Know an artist, model, or musician who should be featured next on Philosopher & Fool? Leave suggestions on Instagram or Twitter! Follow on your favorite platforms today for daily updates, memes, and shoutouts! 

Art is the global language! Introducing P. M. Wagner to the Featured Artists section, with awesome abstract art and surreal photo manipulations. Read our exclusive Q&A and check out his portfolio on Instagram and Society6 store. We discuss art, culture, and how he started on this journey. 

Do you know an artist, model, or musician who should be featured next on Philosopher & Fool? Leave suggestions or contact me on Instagram or Twitter! Follow on your favorite platforms today for daily updates, memes, and shoutouts! 

Check out the latest Livestream on YouTube of Kingdom Hearts 3! Please like & subscribe while you're there and help me reach 100 followers, my first milestone and the requirements for a custom URL. Then I can try and claim Youtube.com/Philosopherandfool, which would make sharing content much easier! You can also follow me on Twitch if you prefer to watch gaming clips there - however livestreams disappear from Twitch after a certain amount of time, so if you want to see my full archives (as well as all of the other exclusive YouTube content) I recommend going to that channel instead. In this stream, we take on Frozen's world, meet Elsa, we let it go, we build a snowman. It's epic and hilarious.

If you enjoy what you see, show some support! Subscribing is free, as is streaming some of my music on Spotify or Apple Music - which will generate a bit of income and you know I love my McDonald's money. Stream my album and buy me a Big Mac and a caramel frappe, I'll love you forever. Or, for the bold and brazen, you can join the exclusive P&F Patreon, which will give you flair to use on Reddit

Last night, I had the privilege to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Mt. Joy play live at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. I came out decked in my best flamboyant pink and drank enough until my face matched. Also walked away with some Japanese BBQ in the area, which was some of the best stuff I've ever put in my mouth. I documented the night live on Instagram and Snapchat, but I put together a "best of" slideshow you can check out by clicking here

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the now fully-functional Philosopher & Fool subreddit, open and ready for business! Submit your best memes, music, art, modeling, photography for everyone to check out! I receive a lot of DMs asking me to check out their SoundCloud or a friend's YouTube channel - now I will, and so will others! I'll be highlighting my favorites on the official P&F Instagram and Twitter too.

The first real video on the channel, this one might actually be Quality Content instead of "Quality Content." I really enjoyed both Netflix's and Hulu's documentaries on Fyre Festival and Billy McFarland, but I really wanted to make a video on Hulu's Fyre Fraud. I hope if you haven't seen it already that this video convinces you to check it out. If you enjoy (or even if you don't; w/e w/e) like & subscribe to my channel! My next goal is 100 subs to get my own custom URL. You can be the change! Bring positive vibes into the world, and follow the new & improved P&F YouTube channel today!

If you would like to support Philosopher & Fool and are able, please visit the brand new Patreon page, or just share a video with a friend! Exposure is the best form of flattery, and I'd be super grateful. 

The first official Livestream with my new setup was a great success! The language can be NSFW at times, but otherwise I think most people will enjoy! --Well, if you like watching people game. But if not, don't worry. I plan to create lots of different kinds of videos with the new DSLR camera very soon. The first stream was for Final Fantasy X HD on PS4, which was a perfect nostalgia bait for me and led to some great laughs. If you'd like to see the stream for yourself, like all future streams, it is archived on YouTube and Twitch. Please like & subscribe!


If you have an extra moment, check out the new Patreon page! I'll be cross-posting my most important links and content there, along with reward tiers for the generous! Or. just share a video with a friend! Exposure is the best form of flattery, and I'd be super grateful. 

In our first Artist Feature of 2019, explore the gallery of Mater Tokyo and learn about her unique style incorporating past and present Japanese culture. She has a clothing line of the same name coming this year, so now is a fantastic time to follow on Instagram and catch design previews, updates, and more. Mater Tokyo joins our Featured Artists gallery alongside Seamless, who has stunning new work in his gallery as well. What can I say? We know how to pick 'em!

Do you know an artist, model, or musician who should be featured next on Philosopher & Fool? Leave suggestions on the brand new P&F Reddit page or contact me on Instagram or Twitter! Follow on your favorite platforms today for daily updates, memes, and shoutouts! 

January 07, 2020

Happy New Year! I've shelled out a ton of money for new recording equipment and software. This will improve the quality of my broadcasts, gaming livestreams, YouTube productions, and of course - MUSIC! All streams will be dual-cast to both YouTube and the new Twitch channel (both linked there), so follow today on your platform of choice! 

If you would like to support Philosopher & Fool and are able, please visit the brand new Patreon page linked here and below - reward tiers are available of course! Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to creating a bunch of new content with these new tools I've bought! I've also created a Reddit for Philosopher & Fool, which you can feel free to post anything. Be nice. Be mean. Who cares? It'll be fun. 

December 12, 2019

Ladies and gentleladies, I've created a new playlist on my YouTube channel just for Quality Productions - a new creative endeavor utilizing cutting edge cinematography and talent to create top-tier content for my audience. I have a few episodes out now and I'm sure more will be coming soon. The networks and sponsors keep signing on board, every day I'm bombarded with emails from Verizon, Netflix, Chipotle, "Christian, where is Philosopher & Fool content, where is the quality production we need" and I'm finally delivering guys. With the absolute best features that the InShot app on android and IOS free version provides. Please like and subscribe today, and be sure to let me know what you'd like to have discussed or hear my opinions regarding in the next Quality Production.

For more Philosopher & Fool content, click the button below. I have art, music, and joke crap across many platforms, and it's be my interact with you on each.

Winter Updates!

December 04, 2019

Wow, time really flies around the holidays! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I've been keeping up with friends and family mostly, and of course work. On Instagram, I recently created some new art from a fireplace photo and have been debuting the $300 worth of anime clothes I bought while drunk and thought it was a good idea. I could have easily settled on maybe 5 or 6 shirts / hoodies, but I went balls-to-the-wall with 11. But it's cool, I've been in an anime binge watching mode lately, so it's suiting. 

On YouTube, I'm sort of ironically-unironically (or maybe unironically-ironically?) turning my channel into a meme in itself with such exhilarating, one-of-a-kind features as Videogame Fishing Livestreams, Super ELITE PRO Combo Footage from Spider-Man, and some absolutely Sexy Soda ASMR for you freaks out there. It's got almost 4 thousand views - be ashamed. I sensed what you all wanted, and I delivered the money shot of cola-related content. Subscribe today, and we're totally friends. 

My Twitter is an absolute madlad. Follow that badboi here. 

New music coming soon.

Read our Q&A with Featured Model - Wild Scarlet! Her dream is to be on the cover of Vogue magazine. Follow her Instagram portfolio, read about her personal experiences, and help her reach that goal! She's already worked with many wonderful photographers, credits beneath photos. Shout-out to all the New York tri-state locals checking out Philosopher & Fool. 

In other P&F news, I've been real sick! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've got some new medicine for my bad back and I'm starting some PT. That means less pain and new music; I'm excited to get back into the studio (my living room corner) and write something new before the year is out. Writing poetry lately as a warm-up for lyrics. If you haven't heard the latest |P&F| instrumental, it's right here - NyctophobiaBe sure to also follow Philosopher & Fool on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates, "original content", and highlights of great art, music, and models.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Washington, DC for a Mets game (we got crushed, I don't want to talk about it lol) - and a wonderful rainy stroll through the Smithsonian Zoo! I had a bunch of little clips from my Instagram story from both days that I compiled together, as well as some photo slideshows. Links and buttons are all over this post to take you wherever you'd like to go first. 


I added some original Philosopher & Fool background music to the clip, "Age of Balarama," which can be streamed or purchased on all outlets such as iTunes or Spotify


Click here to see my IGTV video "Rainy Day Clips from the Smithsonian Zoo."


If you aren't interested in animals, there are plenty of other photos, models, musician & artist shout-outs, and awesome things to see right here on Philosopher & Fool and related social media. Add me on Twitter and tell me what you're enjoying most, send general feedback, or just say hello!

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